Our cardboard recycling bins are perfect to support a school in it’s social responsibility program as well as a tool to increase children’s awareness to environmental issues.

10 top tips for Recycling in Schools

Recycling bins for schools have become essential equipment for the framework of the Ofsted Sustainable Schools scheme. Did you know that as an Eco School your school could be in line to win an award? It’s all part of encouraging young people to be socially and environmentally responsible, cutting back on excess and recycling wherever possible, as well as reducing the cost of waste disposal.

Our clean, user-friendly and recyclable cardboard recycling bins are the ideal solution for promoting a think-green policy as they are suitable for collecting various kinds of waste in schools and colleges. Our bins can even help you make money for your school by collecting for markets that pay for cartridges, textiles and used stamps, waste paper, printer cartridges, cardboard and textiles.

At least a quarter of the rubbish in schools is waste paper, so make sure you have plenty of these cardboard paper recycling bins, with others labelled for plastic/cans, cardboard, food waste (for which this product is a hygienic cardboard compost bin) and general litter. Don’t forget the school office and staff room, where you may also need a bin for glass!

Pack Size Price (including labels)
1 - 2 packs £33.50 ex VAT
3 - 4 packs £24.50 ex VAT
5 + packs £19.75 ex VAT

10 top tips for Recycling in Schools

  1. Clearly label all recycling bins
  2. Place them where appropriate, e.g. near vending machines and in eating areas as well as in the classroom
  3. Encourage children – especially younger ones – to ‘own’ their classroom recycling bins by decorating them 
  4. Involve children with decision-making
  5. Involve the cleaning staff
  6. Get the parents and teachers on your side
  7. Monitor and report on the amount collected
  8. Motivate everyone by joining in national awards and competitions
  9. Set up a rota for emptying the recycling point
  10. Tell the local press about your scheme


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