Supplied with pre-printed and blank labels, our recycling bins can also be customised with your logo or other design. As suppliers of sustainable packaging, we can advise you on possibilities.

Customised Cardboard Recycling Bins

Customised cardboard recycling bins are a smart way to boost the professional image of your business or enhance your special event. Having your brand name and logo custom printed on corporate recycling bins will reinforce your company’s green credentials to visitors and clients while encouraging your personnel to take recycling seriously. We can print the recycling waste bins in simple black and white or in bright colours, according to your design.

You can also choose to have your cardboard bins for recycling made out of a smart oyster-white board, which is just as sturdy and reliable as the standard cardboard.

Wide-ranging brand recognition of their name is the ideal situation desired by all businesses, whether established or newly formed. Customised products are a cost-effective way of achieving this while advertising your services, so don’t forget your recycling rubbish bins. We can supply you with stylish but robust custom-printed cardboard recycling bins – ideal for use at business conferences or events and just perfect for wedding planning or toilet hire companies.

Choose either our standard or oyster-white recycling bins; we can print in mono or colour on both and we are happy to work with you to meet your requirements. For instance, you might like to include your website address and contact details along with your business name and logo.

Waste bins are needed everywhere, so being able to customise them in this way is a great method of putting your name before the public. Our cardboard waste recycling bins are the perfect essential accompaniment for every environmentally friendly organisation or event.

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