Our environmentally friendly recycling bins are perfect temporary bins for events and weddings. They are flat-packed, easily assembled and can be recycled or used again.

Recycling Bins for Events & Weddings

Our cardboard recycling bins are the perfect solution for collecting rubbish at any event or reception and will also meet all your criteria if you are planning a green wedding or other environmentally friendly event.

If you are planning an environmentally friendly wedding or perhaps you are organising a reunion or club supper and want to be socially responsible our cardboard recycling bins offer a real solution.

Flat-packed and made from recycled Kraft cardboard, these waste bins are nevertheless sturdy and smart and obviously can be recycled themselves. They are easy to slot together, convenient to place where required – even as temporary outdoor recycling rubbish bins – and strong enough to be used again.

Number of Packs Price (including labels)
1 - 2 packs £33.50 ex VAT
3 - 4 packs £24.50 ex VAT
5 + packs £19.75 ex VAT

Neat well-fitting lids with ergonomically shaped openings make our recycling bins especially clean and easy to use – by the most discerning of guests.

Available in packs of five, our trash recycling bins are supplied with a selection of blank and pre-printed labels, so it’s easy to designate what each one will be used for: for example, food waste, waste paper (especially useful for paper towels in portable toilets), disposable plates and cutlery, cans, wilted floral decorations at the end of the day and of course any general litter which is non-recyclable. You could even decorate the collection bins as you desire to fit in with the theme of your event.

From £3.95 per bin, our cardboard recycling bins are cost-effective while offering you a convenient means to organise rubbish at ethical, ecologically-responsible events.

Click here for quick and easy tips on how to have an eco-friendly wedding or greener celebration.


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