Our cardboard recycling bins are perfect to support your green wedding in a practical and sympathetic way with your guests, caterers and planners. The bins can be re-used or recycled.

How to have a Green Wedding or Eco Friendly Event

Your wedding or other celebration doesn’t have to cost the earth – either literally or metaphorically. You don’t have to get sucked into the commercial spiral. Green events are becoming increasingly popular; guests appreciate the fact that thought rather than money has gone into the planning – and they usually love to join in and help you create an environmentally-friendly event.

There is a lot you can do yourself but do feel free to ask for help from friends and family, and borrow (or hire) what you can. All in all, aim for your celebration to have minimal impact on the environment while giving maximum support to local producers or ethical businesses.

Additionally, you might like to plant a native tree(s) to offset your celebration’s carbon footprint. It has been calculated that one event for 150 guests, including two air tickets for a honeymoon, releases about 14.5 tonnes of CO2, almost four tonnes more than one English citizen emits in a whole year.

Here are 10 tips to help you style – and enjoy – your green wedding.

  1. Be guided by the watchwords reduce, reuse, recycle. When planning an eco-friendly event, always reduce the amount  you buy – use home-made and handcrafted where possible; reuse or borrow what you can, not forgetting sourcing from charity shops – this can create a charming eco-chic style; recycle waste afterwards and where appropriate make sure that what you buy can be used again.
  2. Invitations: Design and make your own green wedding invitations from recycled paper, or use your imagination to set up a designated email address like ‘’ and email your invitations – get people to download them too. Encourage guests to reply by phone or email.
  3. Wedding dress and rings: buy second-hand or vintage (try eBay, or charity and antique shops) or make your own – or ask a friend or student – using fair trade and natural organic fabrics.
  4. Wedding cake: Home-made is great, especially using fair trade ingredients.
  5. Flowers: Avoid the air miles problem by ordering local seasonal flowers, if possible from an organic source. In winter, sweet-scented narcissi can be ordered from the Isles of Scilly, transported by ferry. For church decoration and the reception, use potted plants that can be used afterwards – nice gifts for helpers and guests.
  6. Wedding presents: Make sure your list includes fair trade and environmentally friendly items to help you set up home otherwise, if you have all you need already, use a charity gift list that will benefit others. Charities like Oxfam will send you photos of what people buy you, and you could then paste these on to a picture board at your reception for guests to look at.
  7. Confetti: Encourage guests to buy natural confetti, dried flower petals or just blow lovely bubbles made from eco-friendly detergent.
  8. Reception: Try to arrange your reception as close as possible to the ceremony to avoid travel, and encourage guests to share transport. Use local produce. Strong natural, biodegradable disposable fair trade tableware is available, made from palm leaves. Make sure your reception venue has recycling trash bins to collect bottles, plastic, aluminium, card, paper and green waste – not forgetting recycling bins in the kitchen and in mobile lavatories. If necessary, organise someone to take the bins to a recycling centre afterwards. If using caterers, ask them to source local organic products. 
  9. Favours or gifts for guests: Not strictly necessary or even traditional, but you could make simple little square bags on a sewing machine, fill with fair trade chocolates or organic home-made cookies, and tie with a ribbon and label to use as a place-markers. Or little potted plants might fit the bill.
  10. Honeymoon:  You don’t need to jet across the world – explore closer to home, using trains and ferries where necessary. Otherwise make your trip count where tourist money really helps a community, or even use your time to get involved with a conservation or charity project.

Finally, don’t let leftovers go to waste. If you or your guests can’t use them, donate

flowers, decorations, food and unopened drinks to nursing homes, hospitals or homeless shelters – check before your event and arrange for deliveries to be made. Then relax and congratulate yourself on achieving your green wedding!

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