Our cost-effective robust cardboard recycling bins are perfect for corporate recycling programs for any organisation/workplace. Delivered flat-packed in packs of five with labels.

Cardboard Corporate Recycling Bins

Is your workplace drowning in waste paper and cardboard? Does your organisation run a recycling scheme? Our recycling bins, made from smart Kraft cardboard, are the easy way to tackle office waste and keep the workplace neat and tidy. These cardboard recycling bins are also ideal for conferences and events – you can customise them with your company logo while showing your customers and colleagues your green credentials, thus making them corporate recycling bins. And while the bins are strong enough to be permanent, they have the additional benefit of being totally recyclable themselves when you wish to dispose of them.

Supplied flat-packed in packs of 5, our cardboard recycling boxes require minimum storage space and are easily assembled, with bulk buy discounts meaning they cost only £3.95 per bin. They come with a variety of conveniently pre-printed and blank stickers to identify what each one will be used for.

Number of Packs Price (including labels)
1 - 2 packs £33.50 ex VAT
3 - 4 packs £24.50 ex VAT
5 + packs £19.75 ex VAT

Use the bins as recycling bins for cardboard, paper etc, but don’t forget you will need them – suitably labelled – to collect and recycle ink cartridges and toners, plastics and cans, glass, and non-recyclable general litter. They are excellent in the kitchen, too, where they can be used for plastic or paper cups or as cardboard compost bins for food waste. 

The design of our cardboard recycling bins, with their ergonomically angled openings and lids, makes them inviting to use. All the labelling is highly visible – rather than just on the side where it may be missed because it is not in the line of vision.

Top tips for recycling and using our office recycling bins

  1. Get the staff on your side: involve them with decision-making, promote the scheme with posters and have a launch day
  2. Consult and inform the cleaners: organise how the recycled items are to be put out for collection
  3. Organise who will collect them, and in the case of cartridges who will organise the scheme and posting
  4. Label and position all the recycling bins appropriately, e.g. in the kitchen and eating areas as well as by photocopiers. Make it just as easy to recycle as to throw away
  5. Monitor and measure the scheme’s effectiveness and keep the staff informed about recycling performance
  6. Use the recycling boxes to collect for charity: e.g. old mobile phones, computer equipment, stamps and printer cartridges
  7. Reuse as much paper and packaging material as you can, such as padded bags, polystyrene beads and other void fill, cardboard boxes etc, all available on our online store


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