Our strong child-friendly cardboard recycling bins make recycling in schools easy, indoors or outside. They are smart, cost-effective, can be recycled and come with pre-printed labels.

Cardboard Recycling Bins for Schools

Our cardboard recycling bins are the perfect solution for recycling and collecting rubbish in schools: robust, re-usable, recyclable themselves, these bins are sturdy enough to be temporary or permanent, useful for outside events such as sports days or school fairs and fetes  – and all for just £3.95 per bin when you buy 25.

Supplied flat-packed, the cardboard recycling bins are convenient to store and set up when required. They are easy to use, with a child-friendly angled opening in the sloping lid which stays firmly closed, and are supplied with a mixture of 50 stick-on pre-printed and blank labels to identify rubbish being collected. Even better, get the children to ‘own’ the recycling bins by making bright, informative labels and personalising the bins. Being made of rigid, recycled white Kraft cardboard, our bins really lend themselves to being decorated.

Number of Packs Price (including labels)
1 - 2 packs £33.50 ex VAT
3 - 4 packs £24.50 ex VAT
5 + packs £19.75 ex VAT

Involving children and teachers in recycling schemes can be a lot of fun. Why not run a competition between classes? And for the very young, try games such as ‘name that symbol’ where they can learn the various recycling symbols.

Many schools and colleges think green, with social policies and activities to improve the environment. Using recycling bins in schools is an excellent way to control waste, follow the Ofsted Sustainable Schools framework, reduce money spent on waste disposal, and even boost school funds into the bargain as some organisations pay for paper, cardboard, cartridges, textiles and stamps. Our cardboard recycling bins will also help your school become an Eco School, with the possibility of winning an award.



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